List of must-use libraries and tools for Rust

I'll be updating this post in the future. It is mostly for my record keeping.

ifmt – string interpolation

let four = 4;
iprintln!("four plus four is: {four + 4}");
// four plus four is: 8
iprintln!("here's a hex number: 0x{0xb0bi64 * 1321517i64 :x}");
// here's a hex number: 0xdeadbeef
iprintln!("here's a debugging value: {Some(four):?}");
// here's a debugging value: Some(4)

crossbeam – all things for concurrent programming

termion – terminal handling

typed-builder – macros for builder pattern

resiter – methods for working with iterators of Results

scopeguard – like D'sscope or Go's defer

owning_ref – Manipulate a reference, while keeping ownership of the original