Did some CLI/terminal self-care over the weekend. Started with trying out Monaspace. Led to Wezterm, led to polishing and integrating everything into a coherent whole.

My new terminal setup screenshot

I have now this nested 3-level hierarchy (terminal tabs, tmux tabs, helix tabs), which acts are workspace and window multiplexer.

I also grew fond of lf. Lots of customization needed, but now I'm thinking about having it started automatically in every new interactive shell / terminal window.

With zoxide integrated, I can jump around with fuzzy search, then see the overview automatically. I press a shortcut and I get tmux session in a given directory (like a semi-persistent, detachable workspace), or open file to edit it. Exit/detach and you're back in "file explorer" mode.

Helix with multi-LSPs and other features like super-tab, got even better in the last release.

With Nix (and Flakebox setting up dev env in every project), this is the smoothies DX I ever had. Everything reproducible as a set of dot files and Flake NixOS configuration for all the systems in a git repository.